After testing

It may take a few days for the test results to come back.

If you have serious symptoms you will be kept in hospital and isolated from other patients to prevent the virus spreading.

If your doctor says you are well enough to go home while you wait for your test results, you should:

For questions about testing or patient welfare, call the National Coronavirus Helpline.

National Coronavirus Helpline

Call this line if you are seeking information on coronavirus. The line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1800 020 080


Self-isolation means staying at home or in your hotel room for 14 days.

This is to prevent the possible spread of the virus to other people.

This means you:

  • do not leave your home/hotel unless it is an emergency
  • do not go to public places such as work or shopping centres
  • do not let visitors in – only people who usually live with you should be in your home.

If you are well, there is no need to wear surgical masks inside.

If you are isolating at home, ask others who are not in isolation to get food and necessities for you.

If you live in a private house, it is safe for you to go into your garden or courtyard.

If you live in an apartment or are staying in a hotel, it is also safe for you to go into the garden but you should:

  • wear a surgical mask to minimise risk to others
  • stay 1.5 metres from other people
  • move quickly through common areas

Isolating at home if you are unwell or have coronavirus

If you have coronavirus or are unwell you may isolate at home if you:

  • are well enough to receive care at home
  • have a separate bedroom and can avoid using communal areas
  • have access to the recommended personal protective equipment (at a minimum, gloves and mask); and
  • do not live with household members who may be at increased risk of complications from novel coronavirus infection (a person over the age of 65, young children, pregnant women, people who are immunocompromised or who have chronic heart, lung, or kidney conditions).

You should wear a mask while you are inside your home when other people are present. If you cannot wear a surgical mask, the people who live with you should not stay in the same room as you and should wear a mask if they enter your room.

Only household members who are essential for caring for you should stay in the home. Other people living in the home should consider staying elsewhere if possible.

Surfaces in shared areas such as door handles, taps and benches should be cleaned daily with household disinfectant or a diluted bleach solution

If you have difficulty breathing or are seriously unwell and it is an emergency, call triple zero (000) immediately.

Returning to your community

If you have completed your 14 day self-isolation period without developing symptoms you may leave your home for essential activities such as shopping and work. If you can work from home, you should.

You must continue to practise social distancing and good hygiene to protect others in your community.